Not displayed in a widget list

5月 29th, 2021

If an app does not appear in a widget list after installing the app, please try the following.

Check if it is installed on microSD

Widgets cannot be installed on microSD and used. Please install it on your device. Some models have a function to automatically install to microSD, and they may be installed to microSD without being aware of it. Please check the installation destination.

Refresh a widget list

This application may not be displayed in a widget list due to a bug of Android OS. It may be displayed when you rotate your device after turning on “Auto-rotate”, so please try it.

Scores or Standings information stick out of the widget

5月 29th, 2021

Depending on your device, Android version, home application, etc., scores or standings information may not fit in a widget and may stick out. We try to fit it in the proper layout after checking the operation on as many devices as possible, but it is very difficult to display it properly on all combinations of devices, Android version, and home application. Therefore, the user can change text size and widget size. If it does not fit in the widget, please reduce text size or increase widget size.

Solution for automatic update stop

5月 29th, 2021

If a widget data is not updated automatically, please check the following.
Is battery optimization enabled? [Android 6.0 or later]
Is Data Saver enabled? [Android 7.0 or later ]
Is a communication control app enabled?

Is battery optimization enabled? [Android 6.0 or later]

Battery optimization (Doze mode) has been implemented as a new feature of Android 6.0. Battery optimization is a function that reduces battery drain by disabling network access for each app during sleep. This Widget App uses network access to receive score data during sleep, so if the battery optimization function is enabled, automatic updates will not be possible during sleep.


This Widget App will be able to communicate even during sleep by excluding it from battery optimization. See below for how to do this.
1. Touch “App optimization”

2. Then follow the displayed guidelines to disable battery optimization.

Is Data Saver enabled? [Android 7.0 or later ]

Data Saver has been implemented as a new feature since Android 7.0. Data saver is a function that can save data traffic by blocking “background communication”(*). This Widget App receives each data via background communication, so the app will not be able to receive data if Data saver is enabled.
(*): Communication performed by app even when a user is not operating a device.


By excluding this Widget App from Data saver, the app will be able to communicate in background as well. See below for how to do this.
1. Touch “App optimization”

2. Then follow the displayed guidelines to disable battery optimization.

Is a communication control app enabled?

Some communication control apps disable background communication. This Widget App receives each data via background communication, so the app will not be able to receive data if background communication is disabled by a communication control app.


Exclude this Widget App from the target of traffic control.

* The setting method differs depending on a communication control app, so please refer to the help of the communication control app.


5月 24th, 2021

Automatic update stop
Not displayed in a widget list
Scores or Standings information stick out of the widget

How to use MLB Widget

5月 23rd, 2021

How to add widgets

See this explanation page.

Basic operation

Touch the top (title / date part) to update data manually.
Touch the bottom (score part) to start the app.

Various setting

Start the app and touch a setting icon on an app bar to display the menu list.

Common Settings

“Update interval during game”
You can set the interval for automatic updates during a game. Except during a game, only the necessary updates are made. This setting is valid for “1 Team Score (1×1)” and “3 Team Score (2×1)” widgets.

“Switching time of game display”
You can set the time to switch display from game results of the day to game schedule of the next day. However, on days when there are no games, this setting will be invalid and will be updated approximately every 6 hours.

“Left and right team display position”
You can select to display home team on right or left side.

“Upper and lower team display position”
You can select to display home team on top or bottom.

“How to display games behind”
You can select whether to display an game behind with next higher team or 1st place team.

“Display winning mark”
You can select whether to display winning mark or not.

Notification Settings

You can set up to 12 notification patterns. The accuracy of notification depends on data update interval. In other words, if you set common setting “Update interval during game” to 1 hour, the notification will only work every hour. Also, please note that this notification function will not be enabled unless you add even one score widget. If more than one of the 12 notifications is met, the above notification will take precedence.

Widget Individual Settings

You can set “Display content”, “Background color / transmittance”, and “Text color / transmittance” for each widget.


Update all widgets. If a widget stops due to interference with a task killer application, please use refresh.

App Optimization

Check if settings are set for widget proper operation. If the settings are not proper, please change the settings according to displayed guidelines. If you perform “App optimization” multiple times and the following message is displayed, you can use widgets without any problem.

MLB Widgetの使い方

5月 23rd, 2021
















また、この通知機能は 試合速報 ウィジェットを一つでも設置しないと有効になりませんのでご注意ください。







How to add widgets

5月 23rd, 2021

1. On a Home screen, touch and hold an empty area where no widgets or shortcuts are placed.

2. Touch Widgets.

3. Touch and hold a widget. You’ll get images of your Home screens.
4. Slide the widget to where you want it. Lift your finger.

[Notes] The addition method may differ depending on smartphone model, Android version, and home application, so please check the addition method of your device.


1月 8th, 2021

Ver.2.9.1 (2021/09/22)

Ver.2.9.0 (2021/06/21)

Ver.2.8.9 (2021/05/19)

Ver.2.8.8 (2021/04/17)

Ver.2.8.7 (2021/04/12)


Ver.2.8.6 (2021/03/21)

Ver.2.8.5 (2021/03/12)

Ver.2.8.4 (2021/03/11)

Ver.2.8.3 (2021/03/03)

Ver.2.8.2 (2021/02/28)

Ver.2.8.1 (2021/02/15)

Ver.2.8.0 (2021/02/12)

Ver.2.7.8 (2021/01/08)


■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.6 (2020/08/11)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.5 (2020/06/21)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.4 (2020/06/19)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.3 (2020/03/20)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.2 (2020/03/09)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.1 (2020/03/04)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.7.0 (2020/02/28)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.6 (2019/03/24)
・Android 8.0以上で通知がされない不具合を修正しました。

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.5 (2019/01/11)
 → Androidのルールにより、強制的にWidgetのサイズ変更しなければならなくなりました。これにより見にくくなったと感じる方は、設定から文字サイズを大きくすることが可能です。その際、文字がはみ出てしまう場合は、手動でWidgetのサイズを大きくして頂くようよろしくお願い致します。

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.3 (2018/03/31)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.2 (2018/03/26) 

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.1 (2018/03/03)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.6.0 (2017/08/06)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.5.9 (2017/04/01)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.5.8 (2017/03/26)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.5.5 (2017/03/12)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.5.3 (2017/03/07)

■ 更新内容
Ver.2.5.2 (2017/02/26)


1月 8th, 2021

Ver.2.9.2 (2021/10/21)



3月 11th, 2017